Tuesday, December 18, 2012

League Comparisons B98

The B98's show a lot of leagues with huge variance---these are leagues were the top few teams score heavily against the bottom teams.  You see this in the standings by ca 50 and -50 goal differentials for the top and bottom teams.   Leagues where there are 1 or 2 teams way below the others are cases where you see goal differentials of -90 to -70 for the bottom teams.  Perhaps this is a developmental issue since the pattern is seen across the B98 leagues.  These are mostly 8th grade boys, and that age is characterized by huge developmental differences; some 8th graders still look like boys while others look almost like men.

I've circled two cases where teams in a lower league are higher than the top team in the next league up.  All of these are cases of new teams coming into a league.  One is the new B98 team that entered the RCL via the Open Cup and was placed in D3. The other circle is for 3 new teams in the PSPL that were placed in Classic 1.

Another interesting difference from the younger leagues is the strength of the WSPL. In the three younger ages I've looked at---G01, B00, B99---the WSPL is similar to RCL D2, but for the B98s, it is a little below RCL D2.   RCL D1 U14 shows some interesting similarities and differences from RCL D1 U12 and 13.  Like in the younger ages, we see a couple D1 teams that are much stronger than the other D1 teams, but in U12 and U13, D1 was pretty tight in terms of strengths.  In U14, it has become very spread out in strength---like many of the BU14 leagues.  This manifests itself in huge goal differentials in these spread out leagues.

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