Sunday, December 9, 2012

Draft B98 Ratings

Draft ratings for the WA B98s are up, along with OR teams in the OPL and PML leagues.  I need to go through the data a few more times and load all the fall league names.  A lot of the top district teams are quite high (RCL D2 level) in the ratings, but this is backed up by summer wins against RCL D2 teams.

Update Dec 10.  I'm cleaning up some errors in the match files and team resolver so teams will jump around a bit.  Some of the things I've fixed recently.  These fixes affect all the teams to some extent because all the ratings are being estimated simultaneously using all the data.
  • Had the Seattle Celtic A and B teams listed together as one team.
  • Had the two Idaho Thunder teams listed together as one team.
  • Had the Beaverton Cup Gold games entered twice, once as Gold next as Silver.  Silver games were missing.
  • Solved (or at least decided to my satisfaction) which fall team that a few more of the mystery tournament teams belong to.
Still to do
  • Need to sort out the Canadian teams better.  Those that were in U14 US tournaments can't be the 1998 teams in BCSPL.   To play in a US U14 tournament, they would need to be 1999.  I'm assuming that the 1998 BCSPL and U14 NWCL teams are the same though.

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