Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Draft 2015-2016 PNW Boys ranks are up

[update August 9th] Fairly big update with Surf Cup and Davis Legacy Cup added. Fixed some bugs that were cropping in from team name changes from last year. If the LP Ranks are used for tournament bracketing, then the 2014-2015 tables should be used because in summer the tables are in flux until the fall league data rolls in. I added a .csv file that can be downloaded with the 2014-2015 ranks and fall/spring leagues data. The link to download is on the index page Index table for 2015-2016

[update August 6th] The tables are scaled to the median U13 team. In July, the tables are re-scaled to the new U13 age group. That means all the strength ratings jump up 200-300 points in July when the switch happens.

Starting late July, the 2015-2016 tables are getting posted and updated.  Index to the 2015-2016 ranks  You are going to see movement of teams and errors as we clean up the summer data.  If you see something amiss (wrong scores or mis-attributed scores), drop us a line at lastplanetranking on gmail .  There are a lot of teams to keep track of and lots of teams use cryptic or vague names in tournaments, leaving off 'color' or ABC and age.  It's takes some work to get every thing sorted out.   Make sure your team manager uses the full team name!  Club Color/ABC Age.

Did your team switch to birth year?   Half the WA boys U14 and up play in a birth year league.  If your team switched to birth year, it helps if you use a team name that reflects that (e.g. B00 to 2000B).  On the LP tables, B00 = Aug-Jul and 2000B = 2000 birth year.


P.S. Want to see the historical tables for previous seasons?  See links at top of the index page.  Index table for 2015-2016